Our partnership strategy is aligned to our philosophy of Lets grow together
We are interested in establishing relationships with fundamentally two purposes
    1.Companies which have complementary technologies of expertise, so that we can jointly deliver better business value to the customers
    2.New companies who would like to develop products and looking for engineering partners

Our current partners list include


Millennium Information Technologies Inc. is a New Jersey, USA based consulting company headed by highly experienced and professional team in the consulting industry. Millennium has clients through out the 50 states of United States to whom Millennium's employees provides their consulting services. Millennium has selected GrandVin as a development partner for developing and launching their cloud based SaaS product Attainica for US based consulting companies.


Neti Software Services LLP. is a Hyderabad based Software Services company working primarily in developing mobile products using open source technologies like Python's Django and Grails. Neti Software Services has selected GrandVin as their development partner to launch Neti's HR portal I Can Join Now.