Product partnership

GrandVin believes that each software product should be aimed at providing next generation services, which enables the businesses to perform more efficiently from process and financial perspectives, thereby providing value to all stakeholders. We are proven experts in software product development from ideation phase to making it a reality.

We provide services in two models, namely Outsourced Product Development (OPD) and Partnership Model.

Outsourced Product Development (OPD) is primarily aimed at becoming product development partners to for companies, which has business ideas and looking forward to make the product a reality. This model is primarily chosen for leveraging our deep product development expertise and technical skills.

Partnership Model:This model is a combination of consulting and outcome based models. In addition to providing product development expertise, GrandVin will become financial part of the overall product, there by charging part consulting fee and part share in the product revenues / profits

Product development life cycle


productpartnershipOur team will work with the core business team to understand their needs. At times we also team up with you to meet the beta customers. In our previous engagements, we have received business requirement (typically 3-4 sentences) and elaborated them by discussing with entrepreneur team, analyzing the business in the external world, come up with the detailed feature set, coming up with wireframes (Hand written) to present the possible product requirements. With this, we were able to approach beta customers and re-do the cycle to firm up the requirements. During this process, we will finalize the Acceptance Criteria at this stage


Our technical team will analyze the requirements and come up with the recommendations of technology, toolset. Once finalized these, a detailed technical design with the most suitable design patterns and flexible design, considering the future extensions>


To ensure the quality of code developed by our engineers and distributed teams, we have framework of guidelines and checklists. This provides us good maintainability over long life of the product, being developed. During this time, we also will identify the fundamental business components and core business processes that are best suited for automation.

SIT Test

Our test teams provide complete testing. In the process, they create / update regression test suite as applicable. Also we provide security testing with the help of our partners.

Beta Testing with the customers

We understand the importance of agility in supporting and responding to the beta customer implementations and testing. Our teams provide the overlap of working hours with the beta customers, based on the timezones

Post Product Launch

We take up the post production support and feature enhancements

Our Technical Expertise Areas

While our teams have capacity to scale up in any given technology in less time, we have expertise in the following areas

SQL, Oracle, MySQL, No-SQL
Platform Technologies
.NET, PHP, JQuery, Java
Application Servers
Apache, IIS
Java, C#, C, C++
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